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Road Racing.

All new for 2021, follow along with the new BTR Riders as the dive into their builds, train, & throughout the entire race season.

Flat Track.

What’s in store for 2021 Flat Track riders, follow to see. Plus check out where it all started with the 2020 Flat track riders.

The first all-woman initiative teaching woman to build & race their own motorcycle. Highlighting women and motorcycle culture in North America in a unique format that brings together riders from different backgrounds to compete in different track events.


Every rider receives a Royal Enfield 650 Twin, whether the INT 650 for Flat Track or Continental GT 650 for Road Racing. Each woman is supported throughout the program by Royal Enfield & its partners to build a race-ready motorcycle.


Each discipline is given ample time for training with Royal Enfield’s mentors. After training is complete the women with have the necessary skills to get out on the track.


Throughout a series of races the riders and their teams will come together to really see what all their hard work has led up to. All races will be linked through Royal Enfield’s social media.

the sponsors.

catch up on our inaugural season.