I live in a small town just west of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
By day I am a low voltage technician.

My love for two wheels started just 7 years ago, I always had a curiosity for motorcycles and finally told myself at the age of 23 that I was gonna learn how to ride. So I took the motorcycle safety course, got my endorsement, bought my first bike and life felt like it got drastically better from then on.
That was the best decision I’ve maybe ever made for myself, not only did it help my self confidence by learning a new skill, but I met my husband and I’ve met my most dearest friends, all because of motorcycles.

I went from casual street riding to racing on a track for the first time at Flat Out Friday. Flat track quickly became my next passion, going on to race in my local AMA District 23 flat track series.

My experience on a road course is very little, so I’m excited to have Melissa Paris as our mentor for this program, she will be a good source to go to and will help me learn a whole new set of skills while building my Continental GT 650 into the best race bike I can.

When asked why Trisha was keen on being part of the BTR program she responded

“I’m so excited to learn all there is about road racing and I appreciate Royal Enfield North America for giving me this oppurtunity and all they do for everyday riders like me.”

You can follow her adventures, on Instagram.


Trisha’s 2021 Flat Track Royal Enfield INT 650