Taia Little, a dynamic flat-track motorcycle racer from Welland, Ontario, Canada, embodies the spirit of speed. Fueled by a lifelong passion ignited at the age of 3, Taia’s roots run deep in the world of motorcycles. Raised amidst the legacy of her father and uncles, professional racers, she carries forward their tradition with a passion that knows no bounds.

Driven by a vision to grow the Canadian racing scene, Taia is determined to leave a mark on the sport. Her ambition extends beyond personal triumphs; she aims to cultivate emerging talent and elevate the stature of homegrown racers. At the heart of her journey lies the aspiration to secure her pro racing license, a pivotal milestone that promises to catapult her into the top levels of elite competition. With each twist of the throttle, Taia Little epitomizes the relentless pursuit of excellence, toward a future where her passion for speed knows no limits