Racing flat track has been a passion of mine for the last 25 years. My racing journey began in 1998 on a 50cc, which in one short year progressed to an 85cc, and by the age of 14, I was racing my dad’s motorcycle. There was no shortage of determination the second I turned the throttle. With the years passing, and my love for the sport growing even deeper- I currently compete on my 2018 450cc and I am a top 5 championship contender for Royal Enfields Build.Train.Race program on my 2022 Royal Enfield INT 650 (American Flat Track Events), and of course continue the legacy of racing the same motorcycle as my dad. Resigning in Bennett, Colorado where I raise my two daughters as a stay-at-home mom. A family affair it truly is- with the love of racing running deep in my family. Which is why we call our local track a second home during the racing season. Occasionally battling for the top box position against my husband, and loving every minute of it! Racing has truly been a grounding point in my life. Feeling a closeness with my late father every time my bike crosses the finish line, carrying the pride within myself that I know he would have felt for me. The growth on the track and off is a special feeling that everyone deserves to feel once in their lives. I am so fortunate to be chasing my dreams and making the best memories along the way.