Scarlett Grosselanghorst

Scarlett is American-born, and German-raised living in Brooklyn, New York since 2016. Upon returning to Berlin after living in Guangzhou (China), the German capital suddenly seemed too small. So she packed her bags and moved to the city that never sleeps. Although New York is home, she misses the Autobahn.

For Scarlett, riding and wrenching on motorcycles has been hand in glove from the beginning. She began with smaller bolt-on customizations working her way up to larger projects over time. When the clutch failed on her 1200GS, the repair quote came in at a number high enough to motivate her to try and fix it herself. With lots of research and her local network, she split the bike in half, repaired the clutch, and then successfully reassembled the motorcycle. This was her breakthrough moment and fortified her confidence to continue working on bikes herself.

Over the last few years, motorcycles have permeated every part of her life. Once a fashion designer with her own lingerie-line in Germany, Scarlett swapped laces for leathers and is now working with her partner on a fashion-tech start-up that offers custom-fitted motorcycle gloves. When she’s not building her business, you will find her adventure touring, and continually expanding her motorcycle knowledge and skills wherever the opportunity presents itself.

When asked why Scarlett was keen on being part of the BTR program she responded

“I am enthusiastic about every part of Build-Train-Race. My favorite aspect of the BTR program is that Royal Enfield actively supports the female riding community by demystifying wrenching and racing.”

You can follow her adventures, on Instagram.


Scarlett’s 2021 Flat Track Royal Enfield INT 650