Based out in Orlando, Florida – my degree in mechanical engineering from UCF and 20+ years of training in classical ballet has always given me a perspective to the world that blends science and art. The love for motorsports runs in the family, stemming from Hong Kong and carries over to the United States with my two younger brothers and myself.

Even though my experience with two wheels only involved riding a pedal bicycle, I’ve always found myself seeking opportunities to push the mind, body, and spirit with Savage Races, Tough Mudders, and high-intensity workouts.

As I learned more about my strengths, my curiosity for connection with a machine grew even more.
I’ve always enjoyed understanding how complex systems were able to be simplified, so knowing how each cog is integrated into the system overall is extremely important to me. I felt that being able to accomplish that on two wheels and also keep up with the race pace community was alluring and exciting…which kept me curious enough to wander into JenningsGP September 2022 with absolutely no clue just how magical the world of motorsports had in store.

From my day 1 on the race track, I was welcomed with open arms by a community of strong hearts who support one another in their endeavors that defined growth and adventure in their own unique way…and that was when I knew that I found my people.
Building the necessary skills to approach each apex was addicting and was able to learn even more at the AHRMA Race School in February’23. The curriculum closed with a mock race at Roebling Road Raceway…but I think it opened so many more doors of possibility and I am hooked for life!

I’m humbled by this opportunity to grow with the Royal Enfield BTR Race team and excited to share the grid with other fiery spirits during the 2024 Race season.