Nicole Pareso didn’t grow up around motorcycles, but her passion began—as so many do—as a passenger. From her teenage years on the pillion, Nicole went on to buy her first bike, and spent many hours in parking lots sharpening her skills before trying her hand at her first track day. 

In 2019, Nicole began her racing career along with an all-ladies race team called Hotmess Racing. “The main reason we started a team was to show and encourage women to get on the track,” said Nicole. “This camaraderie has certainly helped me become a better rider and racer and I’m looking forward to continued growth on the track and possibly helping others do the same.” 

Now living in Carrolton, Ohio, the recently married 34-year-old is working as a mechanical designer and finds herself a stepmom to a six-year-old. “He claims he hates motorcycles just to punk me,” Nicole says with a smile. “Although he does like it when we are tearing them down in the garage or working on them in the pits.”