If you ask Moriah Hummer how she got into motorcycles, she’ll tell you it was “by accident.” But six years later, she hasn’t looked back. The 35-year-old from Fort Collins, Colorado, loves to not only ride motorcycles, but tinker with them, as well. “I realized I love to make my bikes tiny works of art,” she said with a smile. Moriah enjoys riding with her lady friends through the winding roads of the Colorado Mountains, and only last year began to race flat track. The experience left her yearning for more and eager to build a race bike of her own, making her the ideal candidate for Build. Train. Race.

When she’s not riding, Moriah enjoys a host of eclectic hobbies such as drawing comics, sewing, baking and other craft or art projects, as well as going on adventures with her husband and three-year-old son. Traveling is another passion of hers, especially when it gives her an opportunity to eat everything in sight. “Make sure you don’t approach me with a cupcake,” Moriah warns. “I’ll snatch it right out of your hands and eat it!”