Miranda, a true adrenaline enthusiast, hails from a small town in Minnesota about an hour north of the Twin Cities. Her love affair with motorcycles began at a young age when she rode on the back of her mom’s motorcycle. At 18, when she bought her first street bike, Miranda’s passion for the two-wheeled world was ignited. In 2021, Miranda took her passion to the next level by diving into the thrilling realm of motorcycle racing. It all started with her first track day early in the year, and since then, there’s been no looking back. Miranda’s garage tells a story of dedication and love for the sport, housing an impressive collection of 9 bikes – each with its own tale, some roaring to life, and others awaiting their turn on the track. Beyond racing, Miranda actively participates in local track days, advanced riding courses, trail rides, and street cruises, continually honing her skills and encouraging others to do so as well. She is incredibly excited about the opportunity to ride for Royal Enfield and the Build.Train.Race program in 2024.