Mikayla Moore is a talented 19-year-old racer from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, who was first introduced to the passion of two-wheelers in the same way her father was – as a passenger. Mikayla’s first experience of the thrill of motorbikes was at three years old when her dad would take her on rides throughout their neighborhood.

What started as family fun quickly turned into a family passion, and as Mikayla grew older, her interest in bikes intensified. She would often spend hours helping her father out in his shed, where he worked on bikes, just to hang out and learn more about motorcycles.

Their shared enthusiasm for motorbikes soon turned into a family business, incorporating their two passions into one, working on bikes, and racing them. Racing became a significant part of their lives, and they started participating in various events and competitions together. With her mother’s help, Mikayla’s journey into the world of motorcycles is well documented.

Mikayla’s involvement in the Build.Train.Race program was something she had been preparing for by building bikes, training on them, and participating in races before the program was even established. For Mikayla, being a part of this program has become a fantasy turned into reality, and she is thrilled to continue pursuing her dream of racing on the track. Her dedication, passion, and love for motorcycles are evident in everything she does, and she is paving the way for young women in the world of racing.