Michaela Trumbull

Michaela Trumbull is a small-town cosmetologist living life in the mountains of northern Wyoming. Originally from the river country of South Dakota, she didn’t grow up riding or wrenching on motorcycles but since moving to Wyoming 8 years ago you can’t keep her away from all things two wheels. You’ll often find her shredding her dirt bike up a mountain trail or ripping the highway twisties with her friends and husband. She is an adventure junky who strives to challenge herself and is constantly searching to learn new things. Michaela is a second-year BTR participant and is as excited as ever to get back on track with the speedy ladies of Royal Enfield to continue developing new skills. A motivating goal of hers is to show the world that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from, you can do anything if you want it bad enough!

When asked why Michaela was keen on being part of the BTR program she responded

“I am beyond words excited and grateful to be a part of the Build Train Race Program! This company and the people involved are making my dreams come true and I can’t wait to work hand in hand with them! Let’s BUILD. Let’s TRAIN. And Let’s RACE!!”

You can follow her adventures, on Instagram.


Michaela’s 2021 Flat Track Royal Enfield INT 650