Lucy, a Scottish native and Doctor of Veterinary medicine and Surgery, moved to Canada in 2010 to seek out new opportunities and chase her dreams. Little did she know at the time that her drive and passion would lead to motorcycles.

Working as a new vet is very sink or swim. You jump in head first and hope you survive. Motorcycling is very similar, and in both disciplines, Lucy found herself moving straight from zero to sixty.

Riding motorcycles was never something that Lucy ever dreamed of pursuing, but was gifted lessons by her husband 5 years ago. Within seconds of throwing a leg over the bike for the first time, Lucy found her true passion, thus began her love affair with riding and pursuit for excellence on a motorcycle.

Within months of learning to ride, Lucy attended her first track day at The Ridge Motorsports Park in WA and developed a track day addiction which eventually spread to a pursuit in racing. Noticing it was a very male-dominated sport, Lucy took note and determined to succeed. She has attended formal schools with JP43, and California Super Bike, and sought out private coaching with industry experts all with a singular goal to be the best rider she could be, even joking with Keith Code that within 5 years, she was going to be good enough to be an instructor.

Fast forward to 2023, Lucy, on her continuous spiral to the top of the sport rode with instruction at Circuito de Almeria in Spain, participated in 24 track days, and completed a season as a novice racer with WMRRA. She also met her goals proclaimed to Keith Code and became an instructor with OPRT.

Being chosen to be part of BTR is a culmination of all the hard work and dedication that Lucy has put into the sport and into herself. She is inspired by those women who have participated in the program in the past and hopes to someday be an inspiration to young women looking to get into the sport.

Lucy’s motto for 2024 is “If I can do this, anyone who aspires to do it can also!”. Bring it 2024!