Growing up in Nashville, Tennessee, Lauren drew inspiration from her Thrill-Seeking Uncle who nurtured her daredevil instincts and encouraged her to “Ride Like the Wind.” On Valentine’s Day 2021, her lifelong dream of motorcycling finally reached fruition when she rode for the first time. What started as a crush rapidly blossomed into a full-blown love affair as she quickly escalated from total newbie to bonafide licensed racer in April, 2022.

Crediting her success to the nurturing of Southern California’s vibrant motorcycle communities, Lauren is grateful for the friendships, mentors, and coaches that help hone her natural abilities and encourage her ongoing development. Her accelerated journey showcases an impressive merger of skills, hard-work, and natural talent as demonstrated by multiple class wins and podium finishes in her debut CVMA & CRA seasons, clinching a remarkable 2nd place overall in both Femmewalla Ultralightweight and Amateur Supersport 500 classes.
In Spring 2023, Lauren’s journey reached new heights when she was selected to join Royal Enfield’s prestigious Build.Train.Race program. Under the mentorship of “Fast Freddie” Spencer, she transformed the Continental GT 650 into a formidable race machine. Lauren proved herself a fierce competitor on the MotoAmerica stage, earning an invitation to return to the team in 2024.

“BTR is so much bigger than what happens under the tent: we’re creating a legacy that extends so far beyond each of us as individual racers.” Off-track, Lauren’s favorite part of BTR is chatting with young fans, especially seating future racers on her purple-sparkle bike (aptly named “Apollonia”) where she encourages them to rip the throttle. “I want them to feel that they can dream as outlandishly as possible and that the world offers only unwavering support to fulfill their goals.”

Lauren puts her motto “Amplify Goodness” into practice daily as a full-time veterinary doctor and surgeon based in Long Beach, CA where she primarily practices community medicine in non-profit clinics. Eyeing the 2024 season, her goals are to improve her on-track performances, maximize her learning within MotoAmerica, and achieve new fulfillment by supporting teammates plus coaching at local tracks.

In the pits, Lauren’s signature moves are dancing before every race “to keep the vibes up,” squishing all the puppies (don’t worry she’s a professional), and passing around high-fives and fist-bumps!