Hailing from California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains, Kristiana Ross has always been drawn to adventure. Her weekends were spent trail riding alongside her father, igniting a passion for the sport.

Introduced to motorcycles at a young age, Kristiana’s talent blossomed. What began as a childhood pastime evolved into a professional pursuit, transitioning from mountain trails to racetracks. As a proud member of Build.Train.Race (BTR), she remains dedicated to learning, collaborating with peers, and embracing opportunities for improvement.

For Kristiana, racing represents more than just speed—it embodies resilience and an unwavering commitment to self-growth. With determination as her driving force, she eagerly awaits the next chapter of her journey. Off the track, Kristiana embraces a diverse array of activities. From enjoying the outdoors alongside friends and family to working in construction management, teaching dance, and pursuing various side ventures, she keeps herself busy with a multitude of interests and adventures. Balancing work, passion, and leisure, she is a force to be reckoned with.