I am a Texan, born and raised. During college, I leaped to motorcycling- a world that was virtually unknown to me. After getting my feet wet, my martial arts instructors insisted I do a course on the track to better my skills, but that was a long-off goal.

A few years of chasing my career with Amazon transplanted me in the midwest, where I discovered a free “try the track” event with Trackaddix. I immediately knew that was where I belonged, I bought a beater track-only bike and came back the next month for their rider course.

I learned a lot about maintaining, building, and controlling a track bike in a very short amount of time with the help of coaches and friends, who I now consider family.

The first track day of 2023 I was convinced to try racing, despite some of my fears that I wasn’t good enough I was always searching for that next level of competency and mastery. I jumped into a world that I had no prior experience in, and I relied heavily on my support network to help me build confidence in my machine. Through their support, I did things I never thought were possible- the stuff I dreamed about as a child. And the best part is I know I still have so much more to give.