For 30-year-old Kayleigh Buyck of Sodus, New York, learning to ride a motorcycle was as simple as moving up from the passenger seat. Having spent a lot of her childhood on her dad’s motorcycle in upstate New York “where the backroads are endless and motorcycle rides are long,” as she describes, Kayleigh finds life on two wheels to be quite natural. But it was a track weekend that really ignited her passion for road racing. “I fell in love,” Kayleigh said. “I then purchased a sport-bike and felt like I was on cloud nine!” 

Today, Kayleigh coaches with N2 Track Days and Ruts to Racelines, an all-female event. “The women’s events are my all-time favorite,” said Kayleigh. “It’s possibly the coolest girl gang anyone could ask for!” 

Although she admits to not knowing much about building a race motorcycle, Kayleigh plans to use her background in home remodeling to learn everything she can. “Learning new skills and seeing something completed makes all of the hard work worth every second,” said Kayleigh. “This is a huge reason why I dreamed of being part of this program. I am excited to put my head down and get my hands dirty.