Kaiela Hobart of Bremerton, Washington bought her first motorcycle in 2017 and never looked back. The call of adventure is what led the 28-year-old down the path of two wheels, and also what drew her to wild challenges such as a 21-day survival trek through South Africa. Throughout her life changing conquests, motorcycles remain her thrill of choice. “It’s the most liberating form of travel,” Kaiela said. “It fuels my love for the outdoors and allows me to be truly present in the moment.”

Kaiela recently discovered flat track racing and ‘fell in love with everything about it. Flat track is another layer within the world of motorcycles that I never knew I needed.” With a couple years’ experience now under her belt, she is ready to enter the next life changing adventure in her life: Build. Train. Race.

“This sport has taught me so much about myself and who I want to be” says Kaiela. “It constantly challenges you to push past your limits, which is something I crave in life. I am excited to soak up everything the BTR program has to offer and to experience racing different tracks all over the country.”