Jillian is the Midwest contingent of the BUILD TRAIN RACE program and was born and raised just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2019, Jillian won the District 23 AMA Flat Track women’s championship in only her second year of racing. 

Just last month Jillian was one of 5 selected riders to participate in a joint project between S&S Cycles and Royal Enfield, riding the S&S Flat Tracker Himalayan at the Speed Ranch in Viola, WI. When asked why Jillian was keen on being part of the BTR program she responded,

“I am really intrigued with Royal Enfield’s affordability factor. I think the cost of riding can be pretty daunting to a lot of individuals and Royal Enfield is making major strides in the industry making motorcycles accessible to a generation of individuals who are financially “woke” if you will. I also appreciate and respect the enthusiasm Royal Enfield North America shows for women in motorcycling, and the opportunities they offer to everyday women riders such as myself.”

When she’s not at the track, Jillian works as a hospice nurse helping patients and families in their final journey. Recently engaged, Jillian spends her free time planning her wedding, riding MTB single track and chasing after her eight year-old daughter. 

Jillian’s sponsors include Dunlop, S&S Cycle, Saddlemen, Gopher Glass, Vortex, PDR Performance, Race Tech Inc., Superior Tool Grinding, Jacks of Spade, Retrodyne, Warp 9, and Amanda Wilson Design. To follow her building, training, and racing progress, follow her Instagram.


Jillian’s 2021 Flat Track Royal Enfield INT 650