When did her obsession for motorcycles begin? “I was born this way,” says Jessica Martin with a smile. The 38-year-old from Savannah, Georgia, is a self-taught motorcycle enthusiast who bought her first motorcycle at 18 years old and hasn’t stopped riding since. Her love of two wheels is rivaled only by her love of the sky. She not only works as a materials manager for an aviation company, but can be found flying a plane, skydiving or hang gliding when she’s not twisting a throttle. 

Her early days consisted of street riding until a horrific accident in 2015 that changed her life. Since then, she has ridden primarily track. In 2019 Jessica began racing on a club level and co-founded Hotmess Racing (an all-women race team) with the goal of encouraging more women to get into riding and racing. She also became an instructor for Sportbike Track Time, which she calls one of her most rewarding endeavors. 

“There aren’t enough words to describe my excitement and gratitude to be a part of this program,” Jessica says. “My goal is that someone sees me out there and thinks to themselves, ‘I can do this.’ I know what it’s like to doubt yourself; sometimes we just need that splash of courage, and I want to be that splash of courage for someone else.”