For 23-year-old Hannah Stockton, all it took was a visit to a track day as a spectator to get her hooked on the experience. Hannah knew she needed to be out there rather than on the sidelines, and less than 12 hours later, she had purchased her first motorcycle. Two weeks later, she borrowed a trailer and drove 12 hours away to her first out-of-town event, having never pulled a trailer or strapped a bike down.

It’s this kind of passion and drive that fuels racers of all levels, and what immediately drew Royal Enfield to Hannah’s story. The hard-working 23-year-old is an ICU nurse at a major hospital in Kansas City, Missouri, and is no stranger to facing a challenge.

“I learned so much about myself in one season and grew monumentally as a person and a rider,” Hannah said. “I’ve been riding for just over one year with one season of track-day experience.”

When Hannah is not at the track, you can find her and her dog “Benny” hanging out with friends, racing go-karts, lifting weights, and seizing just about any spontaneous adventure she can.