Hannah Lange, a proud Wisconsin native, embodies the spirit of flat track racing in its purest form. As a passionate advocate for women racers, she has become an inspiring figure in the motorsports community. Following in her father’s legendary footsteps, Hannah is a testament to the legacy of racing.

With a fierce determination to excel in multiple racing classes and the unique thrill of ice racing during Wisconsin’s winters, she is not just a racer but a trailblazer who champions diversity and excellence. Beyond her accomplishments as a racer, Hannah is a true ambassador for women racers everywhere. Her passion for empowering and encouraging fellow female racers is evident in her actions both on and off the track. Through mentorship, advocacy, and leading by example, she is breaking down barriers and proving that gender should never be a limitation in motorsports. Hannah stands as a role model for aspiring female racers, showing them that they too can thrive in the intensely competitive world of flat track.

Hannah’s love for racing extends to the coldest months of the year in her home state. When the temperatures drop and the lakes freeze, she takes to the ice with the same determination and grit that defines her as a racer. Ice racing in Wisconsin is a unique and thrilling challenge, and Hannah fearlessly embraces it, adding another dimension to her already impressive racing resume. Her ability to conquer the ice is a testament to her exceptional skills and unwavering passion for the sport.