Emma Betters grew up in Florida riding four-wheelers on her family’s property but didn’t develop a love for motorcycles or weekends spent wrenching in the garage until college. At 21, after a few parking lot laps on a friend’s sportbike left her beaming, she decided to take an MSF course and buy her first bike.

In 2021, Emma did her first track day and was immediately hooked. From day one, part of riding was about getting outside of her comfort zone, and in 2022 she decided to go racing as a challenge to herself. “I get caught in my own head sometimes,” admits Betters. “but I’m learning more and more that this sport is about trusting myself, and I think that extends to life off track.” Every lap is an opportunity to improve, and Emma is particularly excited to see how much progress she can make as a racer surrounded by the talent on this year’s BTR grid. 

Betters currently lives in Knoxville, TN where she works as a mechanical engineer. “One of my greatest joys is exposing people to things I am passionate about and seeing them get excited,” she remarked. “I see Build. Train. Race. as an unparalleled opportunity for me to share my love for racing and the support I’ve found in this community with a larger audience who may have never considered that there could be a place for them in this sport.”