Before attending the Motorcycle Safety Foundation new rider course in 2017, Cora had never ridden a motorcycle. But from the moment she first swung a leg over a bike, the 36-year-old from Brandenburg, Kentucky was hooked. The next day she bought her first motorcycle. 

After spending two years riding rural Kentucky back roads, Cora attempted her first track day in 2019. “It was on a rented bike in the pouring rain,” Cora said with a laugh. “But I was hooked.” 

Cora spent the entire 2021 season supporting her husband as he pursued an amateur championship with FMRRA (now known as PanAmerican Superbike), but is now ready to get herself out onto the track and compete. 

“I knew it was something I wanted to apply for when they said they were looking for riders with some experience this time,” said Cora. “There’s something about going fast around a racetrack that you can’t get anywhere else, and I would love to help more women get into this sport.”