Chloe is a 31-year-old graphic designer and artist currently living in Steger, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Chloe’s track riding days go back to 2015, but she only started racing last year, and also as a “monkey” or sidecar copilot, in the AHRMA road racing circuit. 

Now with a taste for checkered flags, Chloe is eager to fine tune her race skills under the tutelage of Melissa Paris. The part she is most excited about? “The build portion,” Chloe stated. “I have never gotten the opportunity to take a brand-new motorcycle from street trim to full-on race mode.” 

This artist is also looking to understand more about the tools of the road-racing craft—namely “suspension voodoo.” “For me, the more I learn how my motorcycle works, the better I can ride it,” said Chloe.

“Thank you, Royal Enfield, for choosing me!” 

When asked why ____ was keen on being part of the BTR program she responded


You can follow her adventures, on Instagram.