For 29 year old Aubrey Credaroli, the love of motorcycles has always existed. At a young age she would ride as a passenger with her grandfather or her dad around the neighborhood. For her 11th birthday, her parents decided it was time to bring her and her brother into motocross, where she continued to share this passion with her loved ones. 

By the age of 15, Aubrey held several top 5 positions in the 85cc 12-15 class at different Utah race tracks and had won a championship in the Mini Women’s class at Rocky Mountain Raceway. Practicing with her brother Austin in the desert and honing her skills on the trails through the mountains quickly became a family passion for everyone. “I couldn’t wait for the weekends”, she says, “whether it was a race round or throwing elbows with my brother and my dad’s friends, I always looked forward to riding and maintaining my motorcycle.”

Now an apprentice electrician, in 2021, Aubrey decided she wanted to make the transition and see how her background translated to the street. She purchased her first sport bike in December of that year. Quickly falling in love with everything the asphalt had to offer, she went on a cross-country ride with friends. 

Upon her return home, she received an invitation from fellow motorcycle enthusiasts to attend her first track day. “The fun that I had was unreal. Within a few sessions, I found myself surrounded by people wanting to help me with my riding and motorcycle setup. Track tips. Line adjustments. It was at that moment that I knew I had found my home in this community.”