Alyssa Bridges

Alyssa Bridges, 30 years old living in Orange County, California.
Despite living by the beach, she prefers twisty motorcycle rides over surfing. Alyssa is a professional photographer and videographer who works in the motorcycle industry as Sena’s Content Production Manager. As she explains, “I basically get paid to ride motorcycles and pay with cameras.”

Although she enjoys riding both on and off road, Alyssa has yet to participate in a formal track day or race. She plans to build her BTR bike in her own garage allowing her to spend late nights learning and fixing things if needed.

Alyssa in a nutshell: Motorcycles, Cameras, Whiskey. (preferably in that order)

When asked why Alyssa was keen on being part of the BTR program she responded

“This is certainly the opportunity of a lifetime and I couldn’t be more grateful and excited to participate.”

You can follow Alyssa’s adventures, on her Instagram.


Alyssa’s 2021 Flat Track Royal Enfield INT 650