“Live, love and breathe motorcycles.”

This is the simple mantra of Alex Bumpus’ upbringing as part of a motorcycle dealer family. The 33-year-old from Murfreesboro, Tennessee grew up on a motorcycle, from being a toddler in a sidecar to passing the Motorcycle Safety Course at 14 years old.

“Motorcycles are something I’m truly passionate about,” said Alex. “I work in the finance and insurance office of a dealership where I work with people signing the paperwork to start their adventure on two wheels. I get to share in their happiness. It gets in your soul.”
After two decades of riding, flat track racing also got into Alex’s soul. In 2018 she gave the sport a try, and was soundly beaten by an eight-year-old. “I could have finished much better if it had been a school night,” she recalled with a laugh. Fortunately, several podiums and eventually some wins started coming her way on the dirt track ovals, and now she is ready to elevate her skills, both on the flat track and in the garage, with the Build. Train. Race. Flat Track program.

““I’m excited on so many levels. The skills I get to learn, the program I get to be a part of is beyond ordinary; I’m extraordinarily honored!””